Philanthropy To Do List:

Word from May Carrión, yoga instructor:

“I’ve always been a philanthropist at heart ...

Being an alumni of Florida International University, I knew I wanted to give back to my community that helped me obtain my education. So I will be collecting non-perishables food items for the Food Pantry at FIU like I used to do. The Food Pantry helps homeless students get fed. (effective immediately) 

Another philanthropy movement I hope to achieve is to feed the homeless individually in Downtown, Miami and Miami Beach areas where I’ve done this before growing up and watching my parents feed the homeless. I would love to feed more homeless nationwide or worldwide.TBA

Another philanthropy movement is that I hope to "collect some change" for Autism Speaks as I’ve been helping children with special needs since I was 12. Going back, I remember I taught a girl with special needs how to play the piano and ever since, I have attended/volunteered for every single event for Special Olympics in South Florida during my high school and college years. (effective immediately) 

Back in my college years I was President of Sigma Alpha Lambda and philanthropy has always been my passion even before my candidacy. Therefore, I hope to achieve (and also attained this as a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda) to write letters for hospitalized children at hospitals in Miami, FL. A wonderful experience. (during Sunday Brunch or After School Program) 

Moreover, I hope I can have a free yoga class once a month where everyone can gather together and practice yoga. TBA #coronavirus

Thanks for reading “

-May Carrión

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